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Trade Conditions.
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Trade Conditions
Bank Information

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L C Audio Technology
H.C. Andersensvej 56
8230 Aabyhoej

or Gert Frederiksen
+45 6062 9017

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    Bank Information.

    (You may wish to print out this page for reference to your Bank)
    Any orders from outside Denmark are initiated when payment is encountered.

    The the total amount (including packaging and shipping) you have to send is stated when viewing the basket and on the order confirmation product. Please note that all invoices will be in DKK. Should you need to pay in USD or EUR, please contact us first!

    Bank Transfer.

    Important: Add your local bank fees to the amount. Payment is not complete if your local bank fees are deducted!

      Account for Danish Crowns (DKK):
      IBAN no: DK8850610001123592
      Swift Code: JYBADKKK

      Account for US Dollars Crowns (USD):
      IBAN no: DK6550610001123618
      Swift Code: JYBADKKK

      Account for Euro (EUR):
      IBAN no: DK6650610001123600
      Swift Code: JYBADKKK

    Account Holder:
      L C Audio Technology
      H.C. Andersens Vej 56
      DK-8230 Aabyhoej

    Bank Address:
      Jyske Bank
      Østergade 4
      8000 Aarhus C

      Phone: (+45) 96 63 29 00


Because of our defective credit card gateway, payments might settled through PayPal to Please refer to your LC Audio order - and importantly: Make sure to cover all fees (typically ~3,4%) - in most PayPal interfaced there's a "pay all fees" check box for that...

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