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    Active Subwoofer Filter

    Here you find an active subwoofer filter with any conceivable function, and in very high quality as well. It is NOT an L C Audio product, just an inspiration for your DIY project. If combined with ZapPulse 800XE, and/or ZapPulse 2.3 modules, this filter can give you a state of the art subwoofer.


  • Gain
  • Gain X10
  • Gainer / Q-Boost
  • Variable 15 - 60 Hz Sub Filter
  • order LP filter
  • Step Less Variable Phase Control

  • The function blocks can be bypassed and left out as you find adequate. The LP filter can also run in second order mode, simply take out one of the filter order blocks.

    Click on the schematic, to get a more detailed PDF version.

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