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    In the menu to the left a number of accessories for audio / DIY audio projects are listed. For example:

    Mains Noise Filter for removing RF noise generated by industrial machines, household appliances etc. The filter prevents those from being carried to the audio equipment through mains supply.

    Digital SoftStart for gentle start-up of large transformers and charging of large capacitor banks.

    DC filter. This filter will block DC-voltages on the mains and thus remove or limit transformer humming noises.

    Low-noise Regulator: A complete power supply solution with extremely low noise for supplying sensitive audio circuits. Adjustable up to +/-13V.

    RIAA/MC Amplifier: A high-end RIAA amplifier module for your turn table setup. Includes innovative light supply and can be used for both "moving magnet" and "moving coil" pickups.

    BMC-2 DAC: An excellent high-end converter. Made for the professional market - but don't let that fool you. This is a real gem!

    Connectors for both chassis and cable use. For instance Neutrik XLR connectors and our new isolated speaker terminals.

    Cables: Our own, popular series of cables for use both inside and outside your high-end audio equipment. Both speaker and signal cables available.

    Transformers: Toroidal transformers of top quality. Voltage and power ratings available for most audio uses.

    Enclosures: Metal enclosures of good quality. Available with pre-drilled rear panels for amplifier projects.

    Misc. Parts: Heat sinks, op amps, capacitors and other parts for audio use.

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