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    LClock Supply v2.00

    A small, linear power supply designed for LClock applications. Ideal where it is not possible or desirable to use an existing supply rail.
    Full wave rectification with Schottky diodes and a linear regulator ensures delivery of high quality power to LClock (that also includes its own on-board low noise regulators).
    LClock Supply v2.00 delivers 9V (DC) at up to 100mA - and can naturally also be used for other applications than LClock...

    ProductPrice in EUR
    excl VAT
    LClock XO3 Power Supply, 230VEUR 32.11Order Now In Stock
    LClock XO3 Power Supply, 115VEUR 32.11Order Now In Stock
    Taking DIY to the next level!

    The supply is delivered with two sets of M4 spacers and screws.
    Total mounting height is 37mm.
    See outline measurements and hole positions on the drawing below:

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