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    QuartzPulse: Pure Glass Optical Cables

    After a long, resultles, intensive search for some reasonable optical cables we simply ended up having our own developed! In your typical optical Toslink cable, the signal (light) is conducted in a plastic mono-core optical fibre. In the QuartzPulse cables we've replaced the plastic with around 280 thin, high grade, pure quartz glass optical fibres. The optical fibres are terminated directly in the tip of the Toslink connectors and polished - so there are no strange plastic caps or clear epoxy fillings in the signal path.
    The result is astounding!: Suddenly, optical transfer of digital audio over the Toslink standard has become an excellent alternative to coaxial cables (which we still generally recommend over mono-core Toslink). More users even report that QuartzPulse sounds better in their setups than their best coaxial cables!
    Our theory is that the increased bandwidth and less reflections ("zig-zag" in the fibre) compared to mono-core plastic fibre result in nicer, more defined transitions - and thus less jitter. Compared to coaxial cables a optical cable will always provide 100% electrical isolation - so every noise and hum transfer between source and DAC is eliminated. (Noise and hum does also cause jitter - a very common problem, especially in equipment without pulse transformers in the S/PDIF signal chain.)

    Disregarding theory, the audible improvements are definitely comparable to what we hear by lowering the jitter of the clock source (ie. by installing a LClock): A bit less distortion in the midband and a significant improvement of the spatial resolution. We have still not found a single listener that prefers any "old" mono-core plastic cable over QuartzPulse - and probably never will...
    We were (also) actually sceptics at first - but if you have a decent HiFi setup and use optical cables you shouldn't cheat yourself from trying QuartzPulse...


    The essential is of course the optical fibres and their termination in the connectors. But naturally we've finished the job properly: The fibres are protected by two layers of extruded isolation (the outer diameter is 6mm) and a fancy wire mesh. The cable is held in place in the connector by a solid casting. The connectors are all metal with golden details (that of course have absolutely no impact on the sound ;-).

    The QuartzPulse Toslink cables are available in three (short) lenghts that all are delivered in a nice, dedicated box:
    ProductPrice in EUR
    excl VAT
    QuartzPulse 0.5m Optical Toslink CabelEUR 209.40Order Now In Stock
    QuartzPulse 1.0m Optical Toslink CabelEUR 236.24Order Now In Stock
    QuartzPulse 1.5m Optical Toslink CabelEUR 268.46Order Now In Stock
    Taking DIY to the next level!

    Close-up of the optical quartz glass fibers.

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