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    Outdated ZapPulse Versions

    Version 0.80, the ZapPulse prototype. Was never put on the market, but used as an experimental platform from year 2000 until ver. 1.00 was launched in December 2001.

    Version 1.00, The first commercially available ZapPulse. Was sold from December 2001 until may 2002.

    Version 1.1, Upgraded version of ver. 1.00 Improved with RIFA Polypropylene caps.

    Version 1.2, as 1.1 but now with a Ferrite choke with Teflon / silver wire. 470 uF main caps are now replaced with 1.0 uF plastic capacitors. The signal is still inverted 180 degrees.

    Version 2.00, Pulsefield technology, which improves EMI, Short Circuit Protection, Thermal shutdown, balanced and unbalanced inputs, correct phase, Easy assembly, as the MOSFET's are now pre-mounted on aluminium blocks and the gate driver is resident on the module. The sound quality is now reaching levels of good conventional amplifiers.

    Version 2.0 SE, 2.0 high-end version improved with bigger MOSFET's and better capacitors, to improve the sound quality.

    Version 2.1, the first ZapPulse with 4 layer PCB. The sound is better, the EMI is drastically reduced, and the power handling is doubled. The powerful SE MOSFET's are now standard (International Rectifier IRFB31N20)

    Identical with 2.1, except for the two Black Gate VK capacitors.

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