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    BMC-2 Digital to Analogue Converter

    The BMC-2 from tc electronic is an extraordinary DAC. Based on a custom ASIC, it effectively attenuates jitter and offers great sound with a very well-defined sound stage. Connect your favourite digital source through either coaxial or optical digital cable. Due to the integrated volume control, the BMC-2 will drive your power amplifier directly...
    We were extremely positively surprised!
    You will be too... Enjoy!

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    tc electronic BMC-2 high-end DACEUR 322.15Order Now In Stock
    Taking DIY to the next level!


  • 24 bit, 128x oversampling DAC.
  • Volume control.
  • Balanced, analogue XLR outputs.
  • Highly efficient "JET technology" jitter reduction circuitry.
  • Coaxial S/PDIF input (24-bit capable).
  • Optical Toslink input (24-bit capable).

  • Download BMC-2 manual

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