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    Virtual Four Pole Power Supply

    Click to enlarge photo

    The V4P power supply board is mainly intended for driving multi-channel ZapPulse based amplifiers, like Home Cinema installations, from 4 channels up to 8 channels.

    If you only need two channels we recommend the smaller (and cheaper) Predator supply as a better match.

    ProductPrice in EUR
    excl VAT
    ZAPpulse Virtual4pole PowerSupply 100.000uF + DC filter & soft startEUR 252.24Order Now In Stock
    Ext Predator Power Supply for 2ch. ZAPpulse 2.3SE (15000uF)EUR 53.58Order Now In Stock
    Taking DIY to the next level!


    • 100.000uF Low Impedance capacitors, connected in a V4P network.
    • Ultra Fast Recovery (25 ns) rectifiers
    • Soft Start Circuit
    • DC Filter (prevents transformer hum).
    • On Board Gate Driver Regulator.
    • One Module Does it All

    The principle of Virtual Four Pole Networks

    Here you can see the principle of V4P networking capacitors. All caps are synchronously charged or discharged, and none of the caps exchange charge currents. Every capacitors equivalent series resistance is about 100 milliohms, but the combined series resistance to the neighbour capacitor is about 200 milliohms. So no capacitor can exchange currents with the others.

    Click to enlarge photo

    All necessary functions are combined on the module, so virtually no wiring is called for.

    Click to enlarge photo

    The 8 Ultra Fast rectifiers are placed on small separate heat sinks. In front of the picture you see the Soft Start relay, which enforces a slow cut into the mains grid, avoiding stress to the rectifiers, switches and capacitor

    The big black capacitor in front of the picture is a DC blocking cap, it prevents DC components of the mains grid to reach the primary winding of the main transformer that would cause it to hum.

    Click to enlarge (Here shown with a ZapPulse 1.0 module).

    The wiring to the modules is very simple. Note, we have removed one capacitor from the ZapPulse module on this picture, to give you a better view of the wiring.

    We recommend transformers of 2 X 42 V AC secondary, at 400-500VA to drive 4 ZapPulse modules, and the doubles for 5 to 8 channels.

    Click to enlarge photo

    Click to enlarge photo

    Here you can see how the transformer is connected to the V4P board.

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