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    Upgrade Kit for Philips DVD 963 SA.

    We can now offer a complete upgrade / re-clocking kit for Philips DVD 963 SA.

    This model has incredible potential for high end sound quality if properly upgraded. CD's are played with optional up-sampling through the AD1955 D/A converter chip. SACDs are played with the fundamental sampling frequency. Normally a SACD player would have a PLL generate various sampling frequencies, however Philips has mounted two (Pierce type) clocks to time audio samples in this model. So to obtain full re-clocking Quality for both CD's and SACDs you need to mount two separate reference clocks. Additionally we recommend changing the AD8032 of the Front Output to the much faster and better AD8066. We recommend NOT using the 'Audio Out' as it has been quality degraded on the motherboard of DVD 963 SA. The signal has to pass through a poor quality 74HC4053, and a LM833 20 years old low cost Op-Amp. Not acceptable in Audio terms! So we recommend not using the Audio Output on this player at all.

    We have assembled a complete kit with the two LClock XO 3's, AD8066AR, Solid Electrolyte DC Blocking caps, and everything else needed to get the best out of the DVD 963 SA. All absolute top Audio Grade components!

    The result of the upgrade is a sound quality comparable to the most expensive CD / SACD players available on the market. And you end up spending only a fraction of the price, this way.

    The installation is included on a CD-ROM with photos of every step of the upgrade process. This is over-documented, so don't be scared of getting stuck in this upgrade. You need normal electronics tools like a TORX10 screwdriver, tweezers, a fine cutter, soldering iron etc. Everything else you need is found in our upgrade kit which also includes the two LClock XO3's. AD8066, Solid Electrolyte Blocking caps etc. .

    The CD-ROM contains close-up photo's of every step of the upgrade process!

    We can offer the same type of upgrade kit for Pioneer PDS-707 and Audio Research CD 2. And for any other model we can offer you an upgrade in our service center or at one of our representatives.

    We guarantee your satisfaction, and back it with a 30 day money-back guarantee. If you wonder how we can do this on installed parts, the explanation is simple: (almost) nothing is ever returned to us this way, because the products actually work!

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    Complete Upgrade kit for Philips DVD 963 SAEUR 322.04Order Now In Stock
    Complete Upgrade kit for Pioneer PDS-707EUR 322.04Order Now In Stock
    EUR 0.00Order Now In Stock
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