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L C Audio Technology
H.C. Andersensvej 56
8230 Aabyhoej

or Gert Frederiksen
+45 6062 9017

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    Trade Conditions applied as of March 1st. 2016.

    Corporate Information.

    Company Name: L C Audio Technology Inc
    Company address: H.C. Andersens Vej 56, DK 8230 Aabyhoej, Denmark
    Main Telephone Number: +45 60629017
    E-Mail address:
    Corporate Registration Number (CVR): (DK-) 26556732
    Main Business Area: Development and sale of Audio Products.
    Prices: All invoices will be in DKK. Other currencies shown on the website are only guiding. Actual exchange rates might differ.
    VAT: Prices do NOT include VAT, if you wish to see prices including VAT inside the EU, simply click the EU flag.
    Handling Fees: No Handling Fees are added.
    Shipping Cost: Shipping and packaging costs are added. Those are shown before final payment. Smaller orders can often be sent cheaper as standard letters (uninsured!) - contact us if this is interesting.
    Order Confirmation: After completion an order confirmation will appear on your screen optimized for printout.


    Prices here on can be shown with Danish VAT (for private customers inside EU) or without Danish VAT (for customers outside EU and companies with a valid EU VAT number). Prices with/without VAT are selected by clicking the EU flag in the left menu.
    For all orders freight charges are added separately, when activating the shopping basket.


    Ready Built equipment have 3 years factory warranty, kits have 2 years warranty.
    The warranty covers any fault that can be lead back to malfunction of the delivered parts, modules or circuit boards. The warranty covers a replacement or repair of your L C Audio product, to full working condition. The warranty does not cover in cases where the builder of the kit, has in any extent ignored the assembly instructions or the specifications of the products. The warranty covers only the delivered product - it does NOT cover follow damage on speakers, cables, building, furniture etc. Also our warranty explicitly does not cover any person damage caused by the assembly work, use of the product etc. The maximum responsibility assumed is a replacement of the L C Audio product with possible defects.

    Purchase Regret Warranty

    A full 30 day regret-and-get-your-money-back warranty is given for all L C Audio products. The condition is that your product returned is in sealed package, and ready to be resold. If it is not in "as new" condition but can be can be brought back to such, the estimated costs for this are estimated and deducted. In cases of regret warranty, the customer assume all shipping costs (including returning the product). The customer retains the responsibility of the product until it's received by L C Audio Technology.
    Should you wish to use the purchase regret warranty you must notify us by e-mail before returning the product. Please state the product(s) you wish to return, date of purchase, and invoice number.

    Payment Options

    We accept payment by VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, JCB, and Danish Bank Card. Furthermore you can prepay your order by bank transfer.
    Please note that invoices are in DKK. Prices stated in other currencies are only guiding. Please make sure that bank charges, official currency rates etc. are covered if bank transfers are used. Likewise, amounts charged on credit cards may differ from the website prices - but are always stated during the validation process. Credit cards are never charged before the products are shipped.

    Service and Repairs

    In case your L C Audio equipment requires servicing, please contact us by email or phone.


    Any complaint should be addressed directly to our main telephone at +45 60629017 or by e-mail to our chief executive: Should you chose to relay possible complaints about our products on a public web forum, we kindly ask you to send us a copy of your complaint, and the proper web forum. This gives us a chance of responding swiftly, for the greater benefit of the viewers of the particular forum (and hopefully you).
    The EU legislation gives you the option of creating a complaint in the following online system: Of course you should try to contact us first!

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