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    ZapPulse 2.3SE

    Click to enlarge photo!
    ZapPulse 2.3SE are mono modules based on PWM (class-D) amplifier technology. This tiny module can produce up to 290 Watts of pure Audio Power in 8 Ohms, 580 Watts in 4 Ohms and 1000 Watts in 2 Ohms RMS Continuous power.
    The module size is exactly the same as a normal credit card! Since the efficiency is extremely high (some 96%), almost no heat sinking is required.

    What is new on ZapPulse 2.3SE in comparison with 2.2SE?

    1..Load dump protection system.
    2..DC protection system.
    3..Pop noise eliminated.
    4..Channel RF switching interference virtually eliminated.
    5..Shutdown level of overload protection increased by 30% to 25 Ampere.
    6..Modulation circuit redesigned for a THD reduction in mid - high ranges.
    7..Signal path reduced for critical high speed switching signals, to improve S/N ratio.
    The latest batch has furthermore been equipped with better capacitors (more capacity and lower inner resistance) and black anodized transfer heat sinks.

    Click to enlarge photo!
    Power Loss curve showing the losses in a PWM amplifier, at different power levels, compared to that of a normal Class A/B amplifier. As can be seen, at most listening levels of this 100W amplifier depicted in the curve, about 60 Watts of power is dissipated in the heat sink. Even at lower powers like 30W. This draws a lot of valuable power from the power supply. In a ZapPulse based amplifier almost no such loss should be encountered, and so you are not required to oversize the power supply, like would be normal when using a traditional class A/B amplifier. In fact you can mostly get away with under-sizing the power supply, because the music does not have 100% thermal power content. Measurements of practical music examples show that most types of music contain an average 30% thermal power measured over 30 minutes. In other words you can make a 300 Watts RMS amplifier with just a 100 VA mains transformer, if the amplifier is based on ZapPulse. This is a limit, and even if it will work in practical installations, we do not recommend this dimensioning. In practical amplifiers we recommend a 1:1 ratio of transformer size to output power. So a 2x200 W amplifier should use a transformer of 400 VA or more.

    Click to enlarge photo!
    The ZapPulse module has a footprint equal to a normal credit card. To operate, the module must be connected with plus and minus 60V DC, GND, input signal, and speaker load. In other words the hook-up is extremely simple.

    Furthermore you can connect an external gate driver voltage (recommended) to reduce the idle loss from 12 to 6 Watts per module. This should keep your amplifier so cool that you can't feel if it's on or off on top of the enclosure! Even at full power load...
    There is also a remote shutdown feature, which can be used to set the module in standby mode, with a 0 - 5 V signal (0 V = standby), or using a relay or switch. Many modules can be connected directly together for simultaneous shutdown.

    On this photo we show how the ZapPulse modules are connected to the companion Predator power supply board. This board has all the functions you need including the external gate drive supply. There are no backsides to using the external gate driver, but also no sonic gains, so it is only a short way to squeezing the last bit of saved power out of your high performance power amplifier. So why not use it? The external gate driver supply is driven by a separate transformer winding of 15 V AC, why we recommend your transformer to have a such. A separate transformer of 15 VA or more can also be used for this purpose.

    Furthermore the ZapPulse 2.3SE has on board DC servo, short circuit protection (both optional) and balanced XLR inputs.

    Click to enlarge photo!
    A rugged varistor prevents the development of high voltage spikes in case the load is removed from the amplifier in high power operation. This way the ZapPulse 2.3SE module is completely safe at load dumping situations.

    The ZapPulse module is cooled by mounting it on a metal plate in the bottom of the enclosure, either amplifier or active loudspeaker. Even a steel sheet plate of 1 mm gives sufficient cooling for 200 Watts RMS power! Of course aluminium is better as a heat conductor, but also it is non magnetic, which is as always beneficial for sound quality. We recommend an aluminium sheet plate of 2 mm thickness or more, size A5 (half letter) or more per module at full power. There is no reason to use a 'real' heat sink. The primary power loss is idling loss, which is some 12 Watts per module in a 200 Watts setup. At full power the total dissipation is 18 - 20 Watts per module. To reduce the idle loss you can use the external gate drive option. This allows you to inject a gate driver voltage of 18-20V DC and thus reduce power loss by 5-6 Watts. Effectively halving the idle loss. This is done simply by adding a 4th wire to the predator power supply (shown below), and removing a solder bubble from the module. See cookbook.

    To make mounting extremely easy and always safe, the power parts are mounted on an isolated aluminium block, that only need to be fastened on the sheet metal plate. Screws are included and no compound is required.

    To build a complete 2 x 200 Watts Power Amplifier, you need the following parts:

    2 ZapPulse 2.3SE modules
    1 Predator Power Supply module
    1 Transformer 2 x 42V 400 VA. (recommend getting one with additional 15V AC winding).
    1 DC filter.
    1 set of RCA plugs and speaker terminals.
    1 IEC fused inlet.
    1 Enclosure. (We offer a perfect enclosure for ZapPulse based amplifiers. It is made of anodized aluminium for optimal cooling of 2 - 4 modules with full power capability to 290 Watts per channel).

    ProductPrice in EUR
    excl VAT
    ZAPpulse 2.3 Special Edition (1 ch)EUR 117.58Order Now In Stock
    Ext Predator Power Supply for 2ch. ZAPpulse 2.3SE (15000uF)EUR 53.58Order Now In Stock
    ZAPpulse Virtual4pole PowerSupply 100.000uF + DC filter & soft startEUR 252.24Order Now In Stock
    220VA Transformer (230V) 2x42V+15V "Pancake", CE appr.EUR 37.48Order Now In Stock
    220VA Transformer (115V) 2x42V+15V "Pancake", CE appr.EUR 32.11Order Now In Stock
    Mains DC Filter - Stop Transformer Noise! 1200 VAEUR 31.03Order Now In Stock
    Speaker terminals goldplated, 1*red+1*blackEUR 19.87Order Now In Stock
    2pcs. Goldplated RCA alu/teflonEUR 9.56Order Now In Stock
    IEC filtered and fused inlet 6 Amp.EUR 21.37Order Now In Stock
    Taking DIY to the next level!

    Technical Specification

    Specifications with +/- 65V DC supply.
    Output Power 8 Ohms200Watts RMS
    Output Power 4 Ohms400Watts RMS
    Output Power 2 Ohms750Watts RMS
    Output Power 1 Ohms (+/-58V 20-20.000 Hz)1000Watts RMS
    Peak Current 0,6 Ohm (Protection off)100Amperes 1mS
    Distortion THD < 0,2% 8 Ohms Nom. Load
    Distortion THD0,04%1 Watt RMS
    Frequency Response0 - 150.000Hz +/- 3dB
    Input Impedance17kOhm +/- 1%
    Output Impedance5,5Milliohm (70 Hz)
    Supply Voltage35 - 80Volts DC +/-
    Protection Cut-Off Current25Amperes

    Specifications with +/- 80V DC supply.
    Output Power 8 Ohms350Watts RMS
    Output Power 4 Ohms700Watts RMS
    Output Power 2 Ohms1000Watts RMS

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