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ZapPulse 800XE

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    Predator XE PSU

    The Predator XE PSU is a complete supply solution especially developed for class D amplifier modules. With an appropriate transformer it will generate both a traditional +/- 60V main supply and a linear, regulated +/-12V supply. The rectification for the main supply employs dual rectifier bridges to avoid charging currents to flow in the ground plane. A pair of high-quality electrolytic capacitors rated at 15.000uF/80V provides low ripple and provides an excellent power reservoir for bass and transient handling.

    The Predator XE supply needs a transformer rated at 2*42VAC for the main supply (typically 100-500VA) and 1*15VAC or 2*15VAC (better) for the regulated supply. For low-profile enclosure (i.e. 1-unit 19" rack enclosures) we recommend one or two of our toroidal "pancake" transformers. For smaller amplifiers a single transformer can be used - but typically two are employed (with +/- windings on each transformer paralleled).
    The supply is delivered with solder terminals for direct connection of supply wires. Alternatively one or two 4-pole terminals can be mounted (sold separately).
    ProductPrice in EUR
    excl VAT
    Predator Power Supply 2*15000uF w. +/-12V regulated supplyEUR 58.95Order Now In Stock
    220VA Transformer (230V) 2x42V+15V "Pancake", CE appr.EUR 37.48Order Now In Stock
    220VA Transformer (115V) 2x42V+15V "Pancake", CE appr.EUR 32.11Order Now In Stock
    4-pole 5mm screw terminals, elevator typeEUR 0.54Order Now In Stock
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